Every business needs a social media presence!

We live in a day and age in which nearly everyone you meet holds an account on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Gone are the days in which these were just unheard of applications, and it has even become increasingly popular among several generations rather than just the younger ones – your granddad probably checks his Facebook feed more regularly than you do nowadays. So, with this being the case, how can small businesses survive when they don’t have a social media presence? Firstly they could contact a PR Cheltenham company found at sites like headonpr.co.uk/ and ask about social media, communicating with clients and how big the internet can be for business. 

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Quite easily, in fact. This answer may surprise you, but for small businesses which don’t have the budget to spend on big social media campaigns, there are several other ways in which they can market without even glancing in Facebook’s direction. Read on to find out alternative ways in which to market your small business without a social media account.

1. Blogging

All forms of blogging have become increasingly popular over the years. Various bloggers have been recognised for their contributions, and are now able to undertake their hobby as a full-time job. For this reason, now is a great time to hop on this bandwagon and create a blog for your business. Alternatively, if you have a bit more of a budget, find popular blogs that your audience are more likely to have engaged with, and contact the writer to ask if they’d consider featuring you.

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Remember, if you’re going to ask people to endorse you, it’s important to have a strong website for them to point their followers to.

  1. Email marketing

    Collecting data for email marketing is increasingly popular and enables you to maintain good relationships with your customers, and offer them exclusive discounts and rewards straight to their personal inboxes. Whilst this is more expensive than simply posting on a social media page, it is more likely to provide them with a sense of loyalty and trust if you email them directly.

    3. Free presentations

    Meeting people face to face will always be a more personal experience than anonymously posting on your Facebook page. By arranging various presentations and actually meeting your consumers in person, you’ll be able to build a stronger and more valued relationship, whilst imparting expert knowledge and ‘showing yourself off’ as it were.

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