Exploring New Kinks As A Couple

Ever since the release of best selling book 50 Shades of Grey women around the world have started to experiment and talk more about their intimate lives. While male exploits are usually welcomed with a pat on the back, females are often condemned for their sexual lives. What this book has done is bring to light a new acceptance for fetishes and kinks that both genders may have and encourage a wider audience to experiment and explore themselves.

Kinks and fetishes aren’t a new thing, maybe just less talked about until now. There are many common ones that have been around for centuries and some that have only come to light in the last few decades. The trick to exploring new things is to have an open mind and not to judge your partner. Below are a few common and uncommon fetishes that perhaps you may like to read about to prepare yourself in case it gets introduced by your partner.


Thoroughly explored in the 50 Shades of Grey book series this fetish involves tying your partner up. Often having one dominant and one submissive partner, it can be anything from simply tying each other up to including whips and chains. When taking this fetish to the furthest level, make sure there is a safe word that was agreed upon and that it is something completely random that doesn’t get mistaking in play.

Feet Worship

This is quite a common fetish and is talked about commonly. Some people find it funny and some find it quite strange. For the worshipers, many can’t achieve release until they see and touch your feet. Many people can’t understand how you could have a totally naked person, except with shoes on, in front of you and it’s not enough. Like I said, exploring kinks is all about an open mind and no judging.

Used Panties

Not quite as talked about as the ones above, but what is gaining momentum on the kink level is the buying of used panties and underwear. Often male partners do keep your panties as a little trophy especially if they are a pair of little sexy ones. However this is such a huge turn on for some people that they seek out used panties from strangers. Sometimes couples buy used panties together, maybe as an introduction to a threesome?

As mentioned above, when trying new things with your partner it is important to keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions. Most of the time it is just a tender suggestions to spice things up in the bedrooms. Suggesting bondage doesn’t necessarily mean they want to beat you up. Suggesting purchasing used panties doesn’t mean they want to stray. Just be open in discussion about it and reach a conclusion of how far you would like to take things before jumping straight in.

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