Five ways retail stores can develop an emotional connection with their customers

Shopping habits have changed so much over the past decade, with a noticeable shift towards online transactions. The demise of the high street has been attributed to this surge in the number of people buying via the internet.

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But the desire to interact with staff and other customers in a physical store is still alive. With that comes numerous demands on bricks and mortar stores. Customers continually seek out new experiences in store which are tailored individually to them. They want motivated staff offering a first class, professional and friendly service and in store music to provide the perfect backdrop for that visit.

1. Experience over product

The emphasis nowadays is on service over product. Professional, well-trained staff will take time to listen to their customers to gain an understanding of their needs. Often, shoppers may make the choice to purchase online using a price comparison site, so the store needs to put in that extra effort to retain them.

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2. A happy place

Important elements of the customer experience are related to the senses – smell, vision and touch. It’s important to retain the customer and to ensure they connect with the brand. Future stores will be built in an aesthetically-pleasing manner, focusing on layout, design, and that all important ambience. Shoppers will be more likely to post about their good experiences on social media, and that in itself will help spread the image. You can create this with music or perhaps regularly having flower arrangements created by a Gloucestershire Florist such as to place in key positions in your retail outlet.

  1. Staff as brand ambassadors

    Key to the success of a brand is to have the right kind of staff promoting it. Positive interaction with customers, possibly referring to them on a first name basis, is good for business and it can build a rapport with the customer, creating a feeling of community spirit. According to, Apple demonstrates this all important customer approach.

    4. Shopping is rewarding

    It’s important now more than ever to reward customer loyalty, whether that’s through discounts for future purchases or points to exchange for merchandise, coupons or a sneak preview of new products.

    5. Ensuring the in-store visit is seamless

    Negative news travels fast and it’s especially important to make sure the customer’s visit is as seamless as possible. This could be by ensuring there are plenty of staff available to keep queuing at the till to a minimum.


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