Four Considerations When Selecting Upholstery Fabric

Choosing upholstery fabric is not quite as simple as it might first appear. There are various factors that need to be taken into account before you make your final decision, as this is often something you will be living with for the next few years.

Four Considerations When Selecting Upholstery Fabric

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This is frequently the first thing we look for in a fabric, as it is important that the colour you choose complements the room and other furnishings. According to Science Direct, colour influences many areas of our lives including moods and emotions, so it is important to select a colour that keeps us in harmony with our environment.

The size of the room is also important, as bright and bold colours can be overpowering and hard to live with. Go for something you feel comfortable with and do not be swayed by current fashions, as they change from season to season. On a more practical note, if you have pets or small children it is probably best to avoid light colours and those that will show every little mark.


The style of your chosen fabric should complement the style of furniture and the room generally. A rustic feel, for example, might be enhanced by a fabric such as linen look cotton in a gingham pattern, whilst a more formal piece of furniture could benefit from a velvet or another more traditional fabric. If the room is small, do not be tempted to pick a large striking pattern that would be incongruous in that setting.


Depending on the amount of wear you expect the fabric to take, choose something that will suit. Heavy wear by children might call for a dense, high thread count fabric. A woven pattern will probably stay looking good longer than a printed one. You will need something that wears even better such as leather or microfibre if pets will be using the furniture.

Other Considerations

Choose fabric according to the room. If you are furnishing a nursery for example, you may like to check out in a variety of printed fabrics. Ensure you pick something fade resistant if it will be placed in a sunny room, especially close to a window.

If any members of the family have allergies, you may benefit from a fabric such as microfibre which does not attract dust and is lint free.

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