Free Project Management Software You Should Consider Using

Any good manager knows that in order for a project to succeed everything must be organized properly for everyone. This is where project management software comes in. A lot of this popular software usually comes at a premium price tag which is often beyond the budget of small to medium sized businesses. The good thing though is that there are also free project management software’s available that can do the same job.

Open Workbench

If you are familiar with Microsoft Project then you may want to take a look at its free alternative which is called Open Workbench. The main focus of this application is project scheduling and it does a great job. You can access several features such as resource management, scheduling, planning and reviews.

This is highly recommended software for startup companies who are looking for an effective solution in managing their projects that isn’t complex and expensive.


One other software to consider in managing your projects is OpenProj. This free task tracking application has several features comparable to that of paid versions. It is compatible with Microsoft Project files and uses less resource. Project managers who have tried this software find it a very useful tool in task management.


GanttProject is cross-platform software that works in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It has basic project management features that will help you oversee your project to the end. Some of its features include

  • Creation of a Gantt chart
  • Assigning of human resources
  • Generate a PERT chart from a Gantt chart
  • Save charts as .PNG
  • Generate .PDF and .HTML report
  • Import and export projects to Microsoft Project


This is web based project management software that helps you in your project layout and control. It has extensive features that make it the choice for company’s who are particular in task management. Some of its features include

  • User Management
  • Email based trouble Ticket System, (Integrated’sticketsmith)
  • Client/Company Management
  • Project listings
  • Hierarchical Task List
  • File Repository
  • Contact List
  • Calendar
  • Discussion Forum
  • Resource Based Permissions


Managers love to use this tool because it is highly configurable and versatile. It packs in several powerful features such as a planning module, time module, reporting module and even a questionnaire. It is also web based so you need to be connected online.

In times when companies everywhere are making budget cuts it is time to make the smart decision. Even if funding has been reduced any manager can still manage a project by using these free project management software. Although they may differ from the paid versions that some of you are used to it still provides the same end result.

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