Good practice manual to find work in twitter

Before you start with some good actions to find work using twitter, worth making a few reflections to understand the importance of social media world for all candidates with good skills who want to be placed in the labor market:

– 80% of recruiters acknowledge that see the online presence of their candidates and their communication skills in internet.

– Companies that want to recruit new profiles, the vast majority try to get the best results at the lowest cost. This means that, first of all use their social network to find candidates (including social networks), then go to human resources companies and as a last resort use more traditional means of communication. Therefore, if you do not try to be in the network of companies for which you want to sign with social networks like twitter you will miss many opportunities work.

Good practice manual to find work in twitterManual of good practice for finding work in twitter

To really get closer to the job you might consider interesting there are a number of actions you can take:

1- Create a twitter account that is a good reflection of your professional virtues: find the right words that define you and represent as faithfully as possible.

2- Customize your profile: You can insert pictures and wallpaper that go in line with your personality and your professional activity.

3- Choose the most relevant to what you want to achieve “hashtags”: If you want to get a job as community manager some options are #communitymanager, #socialmedia … for example. This is to be found more easily and efficiently by recruiters.

4- Analyze well your twitter account with the rest of your digital presence: Locates some links to your blog if you have, or some interesting linkedin slideshare presentation and of course, a link to your resume.

5- Print personality to your content: Twitter is a good place to mark well your opinions, passions, concerns and go in the right direction to achieve your goals. For this look your content original, not retweet everything you see out there and try to be active.

6- Identify your industry within twitter: To find work following companies where you want to work, influences within your industry (the tool Twazzup goes well for this), other professionals who have the same concerns as your and related media to be informed.

7- Do not be a spammer: Not do self – promotion yourself all the time and interact with other users genuinely without expecting anything in return.

8- Make tracking searches within twitter: Following the same example above style can search: “social media,” “seeks community manager”…. And go testing because you can hunt some tweets that might give you some help.

  1. Follow all specialized job profiles: To guarantee you a guide here I leave the link so you do not have to look both “twitter accounts to help you find a job”

10- Use Nearbytweets: This tool will help you find job near your area.

11- Try to give a good image at all times: here I mean to be correct and avoid:

  • Make risky political or religious comments
  • Get into discussions that lead nowhere
  • Review of topics that dominate

Well, twitter is a powerful tool for fast and dynamic communication where you can find your chance if you are attentive and the way you use it is consistent and original.

Do you think it is essential to be on twitter to find work?

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