Hallway flooring: 4 great solutions

When you open the front door to guests, the first impression they have of your home is formed by the entrance hallway. Given that most people make their minds up about a place within seconds of walking in, it pays to make sure your hall makes a positive statement.

Carpets have become less fashionable these days, as they show up the dirt too easily; meanwhile, although stone flooring looks amazing, it can be very expensive to install, can be cold to the touch unless you fit under floor heating, and can be expensive to pull up for maintenance purposes.

Wood is growing in popularity, as it feels warmer and any damage from everyday living often adds character to the overall appearance.

There are so many options to choose from these days, from oak to pine and from new wood to reclaimed for the conservation conscious. Whether you go for engineered oak, parquet flooring, reclaimed industrial wood or reclaimed painted wood, it is possible to set the tone for the rest of the house right there in your hallway.

Engineered oak

This is very popular in modern homes and converted properties, being smart and elegant but modern and contemporary. Engineered oak comes in a range of finishes, from pre-finished timber top to flat or contoured cider mill engineered.

Hallway flooring
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Parquet/block flooring

For some people, the herringbone style of polished parquet is considered a little dated; however, in the right setting or in a house of the right period, it can still look very classy. If the rooms are big enough, the antique Versailles parquet panelling of the type found at salvage yards such as Wilsons Yards could look really stunning. Architectural salvagers often have a wide selection of parquet flooring in Ireland and on the UK mainland, which is well worth a look.

Reclaimed wood

This is ideal for consumers with environmental concerns, as it is the ultimate in recycling. Not only are you considering good conservation practices but also the reclaimed wood you choose will have an age and a patination that will add character from the minute it is laid in your home.

Painted wood

If you are looking for a more individual style to complement your decor, painted wooden planks can look cosy and informal and provide that lived in, homely feel.


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