How a Rural Office Location Can Help Beat Stress

It is not just in business that things move at a swifter pace these days. Modern life in general is faster than ever – a whirlwind of events to negotiate and conquer. When it comes to the work-life balance, the scales are most definitely weighed down on the work side of things. With life lived at such a rush, there seems to be little time for relaxation or enjoying leisure pursuits. Perhaps this is why stress-related illness is so widespread in modern society.

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A recent report in the Irish Times has concluded that the top two causes of stress-related illness are worries over finances and, perhaps unsurprisingly, work. To back this up, the BBC has reported that, in the past two years, over 53,000 working days have been lost in Police Scotland due to stress.

Creating a Better Working Environment

While the situation may look a little bleak, there are some bright spots on the horizon. The actual environment that people work in on a day-to-day basis can have a marked effect on general mood and state of mind. Bland, sterile working environments, situated in busy inner-city locations, are not going to help anybody’s state of mind. The good news is that many companies are now beginning to realise the importance of employee well-being, particularly when it comes to the working environment. If you work in a particular polluted area you may want to consider havign a Dust Monitor installed from companies such as  to moniotr your air quality over a period of time.

Once the interiors are dealt with what about location?  Well there has been a rise in popularity in rural business parks.

Rural Business Parks

It is no coincidence that many people take a trip into the countryside whenever they want to relax and find a little peace of mind. The fresh air, idyllic surroundings and general peace and quiet can all have a most positive effect. Now imagine being lucky enough to go to work in a location such as this, every day, offering an anxiety-free way of working that could help combat the work-related stress epidemic that plagues modern life.

Rural business parks are a great alternative to both city life and industrial business parks. There is much more of a community feel to these rural office locations, as opposed to the often competitive, almost robotic-like atmosphere of a more traditional industrial business park. The answer to work-related stress may have been found.

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