How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the World of Web Design

We hear a lot about artificial intelligence and how it is set to revolutionise the way we use data. The world of web design is no exception to this, and it can help to deliver a much more personalised web experience for the consumer.

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Despite concerns about how data is being used, research indicates that consumers want a more personalised online experience. This means sites learning what their visitors want and delivering information and offers that are relevant to their needs.

AI in Design

But can AI help in the design process too? Yes it can. There are already tools that can build a website based on analysis of the content – selecting appropriate colours, layout, fonts and so on. The developing cognitive ability of AI means that it will undoubtedly help designers in their work. If, for example, you want a picture of a dog on your site, an AI system can have knowledge of what a dog looks like and be able to select an appropriate image.

This technology is still in its early stages, however, and if you’re building a site for your business, you may still want to turn to the expertise of a Yorkshire web design specialist such as to do the job for you.

Understanding Context

One of the key aspects of using AI in the web development process is that it’s able to understand the context of what’s happening. This means that it will not just select a photo – it will select one that is going to fit with the rest of the design based on colour, shape or other factors. It can also indicate when there might be a better image than the one chosen by a human designer.

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AI can also help police the consistency of a design. It can point out elements that don’t fit well with the rest of the site and suggest alternatives that will work better. It may even be able to fix issues automatically by adjusting tones or font sizes as appropriate.

Whilst it’s unlikely that AI will ever fully replace the role of the human designer, it can help to free them up to show their creative side by taking away many of the humdrum tasks like matching style elements and optimising code.

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