How businesses can handle customer returns

The rise and rise of the internet means more of us than ever are making purchases online each year. It’s convenient, often cheaper than shopping on the high street, and opens up millions more products to us than we had access to before. If you’re an online retailer, you’re probably aware of the limitless possibilities of the internet for your business and you might even have some exciting plans for the future. However, as competition increases and consumers become more demanding, the service you provide increases in importance. Poor service can break an internet retailer, while strong customer support – such as swift resolution to disputes and straightforward returns – can win you loyal customers and new fans.

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New legislation

New legislation has been added at numerous times over the last few years to deal with the rise in internet retailing.

The basic rules are:

Online retailers must accept any returns made within 14 days.
Online retailers must pay for any faulty or damaged goods returned within 30 days.
Online retailers do not have to pay for the cost of returning goods simply because the customer changed their mind.

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Although you are not under any legal obligation to pay for customer returns (unless the goods are faulty), many larger retailers do offer free returns to encourage customers to buy more and to increase brand loyalty. Many businesses also extend the 14-day returns rule as a gesture of goodwill to customers, according to

Finding a trusted courier firm

Perhaps the most important thing to think about when setting up any internet retail business is delivery. You’ll need to consider costs, returns and delivery times. You can help your business stand out from the crowd by offering a Same Day Courier Service, such as that offered by

By using a reliable and trustworthy courier service, you will keep your customers happy and make your life less stressful, too. You do not have to provide a free courier return service by law, but doing so could allow your customers to purchase high-end or expensive items from you in confidence without worrying about what to do if they don’t like the item once it arrives. The extra customers you win over by offering generous delivery and returns terms could outweigh the cost of the service.


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