How NOT to Hire the Wrong Web Designer for You

If you’re running a small business, you’ll know that a website is pretty vital for you. There are very few businesses that can thrive in the modern environment without a web presence, which means having a website is vital. So is having the right website – and many small businesses hire web designers in order to get theirs up and running. You can run into problems, however. If web design isn’t your area of expertise, how do you make sure that the web designer you hire is right for you?

Define Your Needs

A web designer knows their business. You know yours. You know what your customers need, so you know what needs to be on your website. You can carry out your own research by asking your employees, your peers and your customers what they want from a website, and you can look at examples of websites from other companies in your line of work.

A good web designer will value your input and use your expert knowledge of your business. Not all businesses need a complicated or highly interactive website – sometimes simple is better. You will probably always need:

A home page
An “about us” page
An “Our Services” page
A “Contact Us” page
A Testimonials page
An Event Page

How NOT to Hire the Wrong Web Designer for You

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but you will know better than your web designer if you need anything more!

Know Your Budget

You don’t want to cut corners with your website, as a good website will work wonders for your business. Equally, though, you don’t want to spend money that you don’t need to. Find out what the service costs of your website will be, and don’t forget to ask your web designer how much value they think the website will bring to your business. Like, who do web design in South Devon, they should be able to support their answers with concrete examples. There are more suggestions about choosing a web designer here

Ask for Proof

You shouldn’t just take anyone at their word these days. Ask to see samples of your web designer’s work. Have they worked with other businesses like yours? Do they have testimonials? Have they got proof that their website gets traffic and improves custom? If they can’t or don’t want to refer you to previous clients, you should use somebody else.

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