How refresher training can boost productivity and lessen accidents

When staff have been in their roles for a while or your company has operated in a certain way for a length of time, it’s easy to get into routines that aren’t necessarily the most productive. Teams don’t look for new ways of working or take advantage of technological changes and can get into bad habits that lead to workplace accidents. All of these can be avoided through a programme of annual refresher training.

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Avoiding workplace complacency

There are so many reasons to offer staff training. One of the main benefits of refresher training is that it stops staff from getting stuck in a rut and becoming complacent. Refresher training makes them look at their everyday tasks in a new light and think about how they might do things differently.

Reminding staff of company values

Refresher training can also be good for reminding your employees about your company’s value, vision and mission. It can be used to motivate them and help them understand how the work they do impacts the success (or otherwise) of the business.

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Training for everyone

When putting a programme in place, remember that training shouldn’t just be for staff working at one level or in one part of the company; it should be for everyone right through to senior management, making sure skills and knowledge are kept up-to-date and staff can do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Find time for training

Unfortunately, staff training is often the first thing to be dropped when deadlines are pressing or time is tight. If this applies to your company, consider online learning courses for businesses, which are written by industry professionals and provide a flexible training option.

Make training relevant

While training is important, training for training’s sake will turn staff off. Look for where training will have the most impact – if there is a change in legislation, for example, or technology that will impact your business. This is particularly important in industries that use equipment that needs to be used in a specific way such as a hydraulic winch that you can source from places like

Make time for discussion

The best training can be interactive, giving staff time to work in groups or discuss specific topics such as health and safety. This will keep them more engaged in the training itself but could also lead to new ways of working being identified, impacting your business in a positive way.


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