How the cloud is helping to speed up drug development

Developing a new drug can be a time consuming and costly process, with many drug tests and development processes lasting years and costing millions or even billions of pounds. This long and drawn out process can delay important drugs making it to market and to the consumer, so anything that can speed up the process will be welcome to most people This is where cloud computing comes in.

How the cloud is helping to speed up drug development

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Data analysis

The cloud has the potential to speed up the development of drugs and get them to market more quickly. Using the cloud, we can access real-time data and collect important information in order to analyse results more quickly. All areas of the drug development process can work together more easily using cloud computing, to enable better communication and faster results.

Clinical trials are always a necessary part of developing a new drug. This is where the drugs are tested on people to make sure they work and are safe to go into production. There are three stages to a clinical trial starting from a small group and then widening to test on larger groups. Pharmaceutical companies can spend many millions getting their drugs to trial and running them through the whole testing process.

Patient recruitment

One problem of clinical trials has been recruiting the patients to take part in them. Cloud computing can help companies run the data through software to find the right type of people to invite to trial. The improvement in data collection and analysis means more effective and efficient patient selection. The data can also be analysed more quickly after the trials, for example, with thorough QT (TQT) studies, more reliable results can be determined. In fact, clinical trials with innovative new techniques can even save lives.

Finding the right company to conduct certain studies is also part of the problem of clinical trials. With more pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs, more specialist services are required to conduct thorough QT studies and other important studies. Companies such as can provide those services. By involving the most up-to-date studies, data will be more accurate.

The cloud is certainly paving the way to faster drug development and with specialist companies able to provide services to speed up innovative new studies, the pharmacology world is set to enter an exciting new phase.

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