How to convince your boss to purchase new office chairs

If you fight back pain at work and your office chair is just not cutting it, it’s time to take action! That being said, it might be a little difficult to convince the boss to invest in new luxury seating for you and your colleagues.

First things first, you need to know what kinds of office chairs will most benefit you and your colleagues. Start by analysing your personal area of discomfort. Then ask around to see if any of your colleagues are struggling with the same problem. The more colleagues you have on board, the more likely your boss will listen to and invest in new seating.

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You will then want to take your search to the web. Find an office furniture supplier who can provide tons of useful information that will help you convince your boss when the time is right. For Office Furniture Bristol, visit a site like 1st Dzine for top Office Furniture Bristol.

Do not approach your boss with a “new office chair is a must” especially after a stress-filled workday. In doing this you will surely be met with some resistance. Or, you’ll want to wait until the time is right and they are in a good mood. At lunch, after work, or during the office party is the perfect time to present ideas.

Start by telling your boss how you are experiencing discomfort and how it relates to your seat. Then give the information on better seats that you’ve already researched. This way, they will have a good idea of what to expect price wise. You’ll also want to explain that a lot of co-workers are struggling with the current performance of their seats too.

You will also want to inform your boss the benefits that the new seats with adjustable ergonomic features will deliver. Support and productivity are both keywords worth mentioning!

If your boss does not seem keen on the idea of buying new chairs at first, do not be discouraged. It may take a little convincing. Ask your boss to sit in your seat. Show the features and how they are just not cutting it. If they can experience personal inefficiency, they will be more sympathetic to your needs. This may be the eye opener you need to push them to a decision.

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Have you stopped to wonder whether their work chair is cutting it? Do not be afraid to ask them. You may present an initial request in a question such as “Is your office chair doing the job? I really struggle with mine”. This open-ended inquiry sounds much better than “Hey, I need a new chair. Can you buy one?”

When you do take delivery of your new office chair, be sure to let your boss know how grateful you are for it. Invest some time in mastering the seat’s benefits. Why not assist your boss in purchasing a new one for themselves as well? Show them that investing is a great idea for productivity!

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