How to define a buyer persona

Defining a buyer persona helps you to identify the attributes of your ideal customer. This will be based on your industry sector and data regarding your current customers and aids in understanding the demographics so that the content and campaigns you create are engaging and effective.

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Why are buyer personas useful?

Buyer personas can help you to understand what your customers want, what concerns them and whether there are any factors that could prevent them from buying your product or service. In digital marketing Manchester could be said to lead the field. Knowing your customers and being able to create a strong relationship with them gives you a definite advantage over other companies.

Creating a buyer persona

The first step towards creating a buyer persona is to research your existing customers. This can be done by various methods including interviews, polls and surveys. Social media now provides very effective ways of conducting surveys and polls, but face to face and telephone interviews are still popular, so the choice is yours.

If you feel you need professional help with the process, contacting a company such as will provide the solution you need.

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Using a template to record information can be very helpful. The fields included can be varied depending on your individual business and your customers. Basic information for a B2C persona template would normally include name, age, gender, marital status and occupation. Other fields might focus on education, location, income, family size and less concrete items such as interests, lifestyle and personality traits. According to Marketing Week, Sainsbury’s increased sales by using location to deliver personalised offers to customers.

If you are selling to another business rather than to consumers, a B2B persona template might have additional fields such as whether the person is a decision maker in their company and their job title.

Using a buyer persona

A buyer persona can be used to increase traffic and target your advertising to where it will be most relevant and effective. Content can be created for the personas you have identified based on what the customer engages with and is interested in. This can be presented in the format they prefer whether this is through blog posts, an eBook or a video guide.

Negative buyer personas are also useful to identify customers that are not a good fit with your business.

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