How to drive safely in winter

When the weather conditions are severe, it can be dangerous to drive without preparation and special measures. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about driving safely in winter.
Do you need to leave the house?

Before you consider driving in severe weather, ask yourself whether you need to leave the house; if you do, check for weather warnings. If there are severe weather warnings, such as snow or ice, you know that you are potentially driving into trouble. In this case, it is usually the best course of action to stay at home or off the road.

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Do your checks

Before you leave the house, take the time to defrost your car, check the wiper fluid, check the tyre pressure, and so forth. Leave time to warm up the car and remove any ice or condensation.

Drive carefully

If it has snowed, accelerate very slowly to avoid a tailspin. Start in second gear and use low revs. Try to brake with your gears rather than using your brake pedals, leaving lots of room between you and the vehicle in front. Avoid braking as much as possible and stay in a higher gear when you drive. When the snow is heavy, always put your headlights on. If you skid, stay calm and drive into it. You can set the brakes to a lower setting if you drive a hybrid or electric car.

Have a reliable vehicle

If you need access to reliable transport throughout the winter, consider an upgrade or invest in snow tyres. If you need a more reliable vehicle, try looking for used vans for sale Hereford from a reputable company such as

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Together, these steps will help you to stay safe on the roads during the colder months.

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