Interior Design Tips for Your Park Home

One advantage of living in a park home is that it will be furnished and decorated already. If you move from a conventional house or apartment, you may be able to make some money by selling on larger furniture. Why not go to town on really personalising your park home with colours and themes? Here are some ideas.

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You need to be creative here. For ideas on some neat and economical options for the kitchen area, take a look at For other areas of your home, consider attractive boxes in various bright colours and designs. It is likely that these will be on show, so choose carefully and find boxes that you don’t necessarily want to hide away. Remember that seating in park homes may also offer hidden storage, but make sure not to put items in there that you need to be getting out on a regular basis. Space under the bed can be used to good effect too, but a drawer or some boxes will make organisation easier.

Light and Mirrors

These are key to making your home feel and look more spacious. Choose carefully and they will make all the difference. Mirrors can add depth to a room. Consider choosing some lighting which is personal to you, rather than just going with what may be provided as standard in the park home.

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Avoid Clutter

You need space to move around, so opt for a few high-quality items of furniture rather than cramming in too much and thus compromising on floor space.

When it comes to park homes for sale Gloucester has a lot to offer, and they are not all tiny spaces if you have a bigger budget. Look at the options here:

Colours and Themes

In a space which is smaller than average, consider using lighter colours on the walls to open up the space. If you are keen on bolder shades, consider a feature wall, using bold patterns, a mural or just a darker colour.

Mix Up Old and New

If you have, for instance, an antique table which you would like to use in your park home, don’t feel inhibited if you cannot afford to go completely with antiques. By balancing colours and textures, modern furniture can easily sit alongside a classic style.

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