It’s Electric!

Ever wondered what a sparky does? Working with electricity can be a dangerous business as electricians are responsible for installing, testing, repairing and maintaining electrical wiring or electronics. Electricians can be called on to work in a wide range of environments including commercial properties, homes, power stations or machinery and even robotics. Electricians can also be employed in dealing with low voltage systems like security alarms and telephone, internet and video cabling.

If you’re thinking of training to be one then you’ll need to do things like read blueprints and be involved in installing, maintaining and repairing wiring and electronics. During the construction of new buildings, electricians may work on the wiring and circuits or they may retro-fit after the building is complete. Problem-solving and decision making to improve electrical output may also be needed. You will also find electricians working inside factories or industrial facilities working on electrical machinery and robots. It is quite a perilous profession and especially for the electricians who work outside on cabling and wiring lines where safety is paramount.

It's Electric

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The qualities that are needed to be an electrician include the following: a certain level of physical fitness, normal colour vision (for wiring purposes), good with your hands, a sense of balance and to be good with heights. Useful subjects to study at school include maths, physics, chemistry, computing, english and technology. A career in electricity can be well paid and is in high demand and our need for electricity isn’t going to diminish anytime soon. An electrician may also find themselves working in quite exciting settings as the entertainment industry always requires electricians to install and arrange complex lighting for concerts and shows.

An electrician can also operate their own business, responding to call outs from customers and working on different projects. An electrician will most likely need a van for transporting tools and equipment between jobs. The best way to protect the interior of a van and organise tools is to have plywood fitted to the rear of the van. Not only does this prolong the life of the vehicle but also looks professional and smart. For Van ply lining information, visit

Being an electrician is an interesting and varied job and work can be required literally anywhere there is lighting, climate control, alarm systems or appliances. One day you could be using testing meters to isolate electrical faults, supervising apprentices and then inspecting and repairing circuit breakers and transformers. The next day you could be installing back-up generators in commercial properties.

The job involves bending, kneeling and standing for long periods so you’ll need to be fairly fit. The job can be noisy if you’re working in an industrial plant with heavy machinery and of course run the risk of electric shocks and burns. There are strict guidelines in place for the use of safety clothing and eye protection. The job can be dangerous but offers a great deal of satisfaction and is a highly sought after skill meaning you should never be short of work.

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