Keys to fat loss progressively and safely

Summer is the season of the year when we all strive to look a body, but excesses during holidays can cause havoc. For although summer is characterized by the consumption of fresh foods such as salads, fruits, creams or cold soups to mitigate the heat.

The truth is that we often abuse copious meals, alcoholic drinks and snacks during the holidays. An unbalanced diet that, in many cases, is linked to the abandonment of physical activity.

The Basic Keys to Fat Loss

When the scale reveals those extra pounds, the usual tendency is to find a quick solution to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, choosing diets that abuse certain foods and are based on excluding others, and even based on bars or propose replacing meals with “miracle” shakes, can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

Rapid weight loss will be effective in the short term, but in the long run, it not only contributes to the appearance of medical problems, also, by leaving the diet, the weight can start to rise to exceed the initial.

The key to losing fat is …

The first step to lose fat progressively and effectively is to establish a daily routine of physical exercise.

The best exercises to losing fat are:

First, you have to become familiar with cardio exercises. They help your body burn the excess fats, so they are basic if you want to lose weight. It is not about killing yourself to do “pushups and crunches“, there are many other exercises with which you can get your body toned at home and boast of figure and be in shape.

Every day look for a little time to make the following table in the living room of your house. Put on the meshes, your favorite music and for all!

The first thing to do is to take a deep breath, place your back with your shoulders back and tighten your belly button against your back. Maintaining proper posture will prevent injury.

Presume an ass and legs without cellulite thanks to cardio exercises to lose weight and tone your body.

Give four jumps and when you fall for the fourth time, let your feet line up because you have to do a squat. Lower well down and back behind, as if they were pulling you. Put your hands close to your chest to keep your balance. Repeat this exercise 15 times. When you are finished, continue to squat a few seconds longer and hold the squat tight!

Now work on the inner side of the thighs. Stretch your left leg to one side with your foot facing the front. The right leg flexed and the body slightly thrown forward. Place your hands at chest height to maintain balance.

Touch to start moving! Raise up on your left leg, which you have stretched, and raise your right knee as high as you can as you take the elbow of your right arm towards it. And now it’s time to go down again! Continue with this exercise for 15 repetitions and then change your leg. In addition to helping you tone your legs, you can mold your waist.

Cardiovascular exercises help you lose weight and tone your body

With your feet together, do a squat again. Remember to keep your culet as far back as possible and the body thrown forward, otherwise doing so could hurt your knees. Well, now when you go up, he kicks the air. In order, not to lose the stability in any moment, lower with the hands united to the height of the chest and separate them when you go to give the kick. Change your leg every time you raise it in the air. Count 20 kicks.

Now you need some space to move. This exercise consists of jumping to one side on one leg and picking back the one that lies in the line you have described. If you have jumped to your right, you should flex your left leg, as if you were a skater.

Have you got it? All right! Now jump to the other side and again make a big jump up, as if you had to put a basket. Try to fit 15 baskets!

These exercises will help you to lose weight and tone the whole body in a simple and fast way. As you burn calories you strengthen your body. With the squats, you can get a back ten free of cellulite and legs of infarction.

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