Looking at Locksmithing?

Ever wondered how someone becomes a locksmith? It is probably not an area that receives much thought but if you have a teenage son or daughter who has no idea what path to take at that 16 plus milestone then could this profession offer a good return?

Locksmiths make duplicate keys, repair all types of locks and install new lock systems for homes and businesses. People get locked out of their homes or vehicles very frequently and so there is no shortage of work. A self-employed locksmith can work on call outs and emergency responses to a lock-out and this can pay well.

There are many training courses to introduce you to the world of locksmithing and it’s important to hear reviews from other locksmiths who have taken these courses and talk to the course provider as well to find out exactly what is covered. The best course providers include those run by the British Locksmiths Institute, who are part of the Master Locksmiths Association. You may also be able to take an apprenticeship with some firms as a route into the profession. For a Belfast Locksmith, visit http://www.belfastlocksmiths247.co.uk/

There are no formal qualifications and on the job training may suffice but there are definitely some skills that are required. You will need excellent dexterity, customer care skills, patience, attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.

Looking at Locksmithing

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Locksmiths can become involved in other areas of safety and install and maintain security mechanisms, fit safes and set up closed circuit television systems. Some locksmiths specialize their services and one example of this would be providing a service for the unlocking of antique locks and padlocks, repairing them and providing unique key cutting for them.

A typical day in the life of a locksmith will include fitting locks to doors and windows. In a security conscious world and in high crime areas, a locksmith should be kept busy. You may also be promoting and selling various types of locks and security devices and offering advice on best options. Cutting keys and making new keys will be a large part of the job but you could also be fitting combination locks and timing mechanisms to safes. You’ll want to make sure that your customers treasure is safely stored and impenetrable to any would be burglars.

People often get locked out of their vehicles and so you could be involved in gaining access to cars and repairing any damage. Another aspect of the work involves attending crime scenes after break-ins and helping to secure a business property or home. A good working relationship with the police will be required. Unfortunately many victims of burglary often feel violated and nervous about what they once considered their haven. The ability to work well and sympathetically with members of the public will be of great benefit in this job as you will need to reassure and advise about security issues. They will probably want a complete overhaul of their locking mechanisms which could include both doors and windows. They may also want CCTV installed or an alarm fitted.

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