Makeover Ideas for Garage Doors

Are you bored of your garage door? They tend to be pretty standard looking things, there’s not much differentiation in the up and over door that most homes in the UK have. But in this age of upcycling and makeovers, more and more people are ‘pimping’ their garage doors and making them look really individual.

Makeover Ideas for Garage Doors

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Paint Effects

You can transform a metal door so that it appears to be made from wood. This is quite simply done. You start by cleaning the garage door off and then apply a glaze which dries to give the look of wood. It will take less than a day to complete this look, but if you want it to really last you should finish with a coat of clear varnish.

A wood effect looks really great in period properties, or those made from dark brick. Of course, there are different glazes available so you can pick and choose which type of faux wood you want to give the look of either something dark or bright pine.

A Faux Door

If you have an up and over door, but you’d prefer the look of a carriage style door which opens outward, you can achieve the effect with a makeover. The classic look of a carriage door is a central opening (paint in a black line) with handles either side – these can still be used to open the door as it is intended to be opened. If you have a panelled garage door, pick a few to paint black and give the illusion of windows at the top which are characteristic of this style of door.

Makeover Ideas for Garage Doors2

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Fantasy Doors

If you want to break with reality entirely then you could opt for a photographic decal for your garage door. These are giant stickers that cover the entire garage door, and they can be a lot of fun. Choose something like a Rolls Royce or a fighter jet parked inside, or be quirky with giant’s feet, or horses looking over the stable door. This idea was recently featured in the Telegraph.

Before you start, make sure everything is in working order by calling in someone like London garage door repairs specialist,

It’s easier than you think to stamp your individuality on your home, with a garage door makeover.

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