Organising an office move

It is a good idea to allow 12 weeks before moving for a business to begin to prepare employees to relocate. It is important that minimal disruption is caused to employees and office equipment during the relocation as if the move is not planned well, it can soon impact profit and lead to higher anxiety levels in the business, leading to lower efficiency.

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Your first step

  1. Get a removal company to visit both existing and new sites before they give an estimate. Consider the dates of your choice – lots of office removal company will move your company on a Saturday or Sunday to avoid excessive interference. Find out more about Office Removals London at a site like
  2. Confirm that you are confident with the relocation company to manage and move workstations and electronic equipment. Ask questions and get references so that you do not doubt their experience.

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  1. Visit your new office space and remember to carry out dimensional measurements to make sure the equipment will fit through the corridors and entrances.
  2. Design a new floor plan including the location of desks and equipment.
  3. Most importantly – make sure you have an internet connection which is effective when you are moving, to ensure that your staff do not suffer unnecessary disruption to their work.

Before relocation

  1. When the floor plan has been decided and agreed upon, ensure that all staff have access to it so that they can visualize their new environment before moving on. Do not forget to make a copy of the floor plan available at the new office on the day of the move.
  2. Give your relocation company copies the new office layout as well!
  3. Do not forget to clearly indicate the furniture or equipment that does not need to be taken to your new office.

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