Power tools: staying safe over the winter DIY season

Now is traditionally the time of year to tie up all the odd jobs around the house to make sure it is ready for winter. Whilst power tools are very handy for dealing with those jobs, they need to be used with care. Electricity kills! Also, other injuries such as falls can be caused because of an electric shock. If you look at the DIY sector where many power tools are sold, they are responsible for about 70 deaths and 250,000 injuries each year. About 100,000 are injuries which mean a trip to the hospital. Many of these accidents are caused through carelessness or a lack of knowledge. So it is best to be prepared.

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Where to use power tools

Check the voltage – the lower the voltage, the less risk there is of a serious electric shock. Where possible, portable electrical tools should be battery operated or supplied through a double wound 110V transformer. Portable tools of 240V or higher should not be used outside. Check your location before beginning to use power tools to make sure you are not near any flammable liquids – sparks can fly and cause untold damage. Similarly keep power tools away from water. Check the voltage and frequency are compatible with the electricity supply too.

Safety first

You should use personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses for protection. Never carry a tool by the cord or hose and do not disconnect them from the mains by pulling at the cord or hose. Always disconnect tools when they are not in use or before changing accessories such as blades or cutters – https://ohsonline.com/articles/2010/03/19/power-tool-safety-tips-from-osha.aspx.

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Cordless v mains-powered?

Mains-powered tools have more power but the cordless ones still have plenty of power, are more portable obviously, and are safer electrically. Portable power drills are widely used but you need to check their capacity limitations in the owner’s manual for safety reasons. If you are looking for new tools, then you can find out about their voltage and capabilities through an online DIY store such as https://www.gofixdirect.co.uk/.

Hold on tight

It is important to hold power tools securely so you are not in any danger of slipping. Brace yourself against suitable stationary objects such as walls. Not only is it safer but it is likely to result in a better job too.

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