Premises that require the help of a professional cleaner

Nobody would want to start cleaning their office after an 8-hour shift at work. Imagine cleaning the whole office, kitchen included, with all those cups and plates needing washing and not to mention the toilets! Not an appealing prospect is it? Here are some examples of premises that would be very hard to clean without professional help:

Large Offices

Without a professional cleaning service, you are stuck with organising staff on a rota to carry out different cleaning duties. Does it work? Do the employees stick to the schedule? Are there individuals that say they’ve cleaned a space when all they’ve done is wipe it over with a tissue? Do away with these annoying issues by employing a professional cleaning company to complete all these tasks to a much higher standard. This means your staff can go back to spending their time on what they were hired to do.

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Educational Settings

In places where there is a high concentration of young people, infection control is a top priority. This means a high quality of cleaning that can only effectively be carried out by experienced and professional cleaners. Schools and colleges must meet health and safety standards and keep the risk of sickness to a minimum. Professional cleaning companies will also be able to offer cleaners that are fully DBS checked. For a Leicester commercial cleaning company, visit

Medical Settings

Businesses in the medical sector will understand the critical need for the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. For this kind of cleaning, it’s important to have a professional cleaner who has been trained to the National Specifications for Cleanliness for NHS Medical and Dental Practices. This includes learning about the risks of cross contamination, where harmful bacteria can be lurking and how to deep clean, disinfect and fully sanitise a medical practice.

Showrooms and stores

For areas where customers and clients will be getting a first look at you as a business, cleanliness and spotless high standards are a must. For showcasing your goods or services, you’ll want to make the best first impression so choosing a professional cleaning company to take care of this for you makes good sense. Not only will your store look great, but you’ll be improving on safety too.

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Emergency Cleaning

Whenever mother nature throws a spanner in the works or a man-made accident has occurred, specialist clean up skills are a must. Flooding and fire damage can cause a huge mess to deal with, not to mention the disruption and risk to health. You must ensure your premises is brought back to a safe, clean and hygienic condition, whether you’ve experienced an act of nature, a burst pipe, arson or vandalism. A professional cleaning team will do this for you with the minimum of fuss, to an exceptional standard and is one less thing for you to worry about at a tough time.

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