Promoting mobile sites: essential tips

Mobile sites are essential for modern businesses because they make it possible to engage with the majority of consumers who now browse the web primarily from a smartphone or tablet.

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If you have built a mobile site already or are planning to develop one in the near future, then it is also necessary to ensure that you market this freshly optimised experience so that customers are aware of the changes. This can be a good opportunity to contact your existing customers and those you have previous shown an interest in your Norwich Fitted Kitchens and let them know of your new website.

Relying on organic SEO is not enough on its own, especially as Google seems intent on altering the way that results are displayed on mobile devices.

To help, here are a few essential tips that will let you successfully promote your mobile site and make an impact in the modern marketplace.

Determine a Budget

This is the hurdle at which many firms fall because it is all too easy to miscalculate just how much you will need to spend on marketing. The answer given by many experts is that the budget of your promotional activities should match that spent on the development of the site itself.

Crucially, this should not be the upper limit, but rather the minimum amount you need to spend on marketing to see a positive, long-term impact.

Plan Ahead

Focusing on the short-term gains you can achieve via paid marketing is important, but many insiders also recommend that you think about the longer game when planning to promote a nascent mobile site.

This will ensure that when people click through for the first time, they are more likely to return later on, rather than all your efforts around the launch resulting in a spike in traffic that quickly subsides.

Working with a web design agency can help to ensure that your mobile site has staying power. This will help you to acquire visitors from a number of channels, retain them through engagement, and ultimately earn referrals and conversions that will boost revenues.

Invest in Ads

There are many different platforms where ads can appear today, from traditional media to the digital arena. If you are using web design in Essex to make a mobile site, picking the right paid promotion can make a big difference.

Promoted search ads are useful, but remember to target appropriate audiences through keywords to ensure that the visitors you receive are relevant to your site’s area of operation.

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