Re-Vamp Your Bedroom In Four Easy Steps

If your bedroom was looking tired and worn, and you decided to revamp it by using a 3d architect to design it like or you simply want to work with what you have then it’s a great opportunity to start fresh.

Review the decor

If the walls were tired and dated and the ceiling was stained, bite the bullet and empty the room out. Cover remaining furniture with dust sheets, and prepare to redecorate. A fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to transform your room. Try a couple of sample pots first to choose your shade, and view it in different lights. Remember, light shades expand a space and dark shades make it feel cosy. Remember to prep your materials first for the best finish.Wallpaper is also a great way of adding visual interest to a room, and there are great styles and easy to hang options now available. Try wallpapering a feature wall.

Re-Vamp Your Bedroom In Four Easy Steps

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Sort the storage

There is nothing worse than coming home to a bedroom scattered with clothes, shoes, beauty items and other paraphernalia. If your storage isn’t up to scratch, review it as a priority. To work out what you need, to a thorough clear out of your possessions. Donate anything you no longer need to charity and then review what’s left. Be strict – if it’s a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in months, you are very unlikely to again – so pass it on to someone who can use it!

Generally, for a bedroom you will need a chest of drawers, a wardrobe and a bedside cabinet.

Choose a complementary set of bedroom furniture for a clean and stylish finish. There are bedroom furniture sets with contemporary, country classic, traditional and Eastern themes available for example, and all will provide a co-ordinated look. Make sure your storage is adequate to put everything away, and be religious about doing so for a calm, beautiful space.

Upgrade the flooring

If you have a stained carpet, splash out on a plush replacement. Carpets needn’t be expensive – the trick is to get a good underlay for that all important ‘spring’. If the existing carpet is just in need of a good clean, get the professionals in! A strategically placed rug can also work wonders for any stubborn stains. Try a romantic sheepskin.

Play with the finish

When your walls, carpets, storage and furniture are sorted in the bedroom, you can play with the fun bits. Choose beautiful curtains in a sumptuous fabric and upgrade your bed-set for a new seasonal quilt cover. There are a vast range of curtain finishes available, so find inspiration online.

Cushions add a luxury touch and a bedside candle and vase of flowers will create that hotel feel. Put pictures up on the walls featuring images that you really love – whether inspirational quotes, beautiful landscape shots or family photos. Put out favourite items on display – such as a jewellery box or hang a vintage dress as a feature piece. Then lay back and congratulate yourself on the excellent results with a cup of tea and a good book!

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