Reducing Costs with Pneumatic Conveyors

Manufacturing industries are increasingly looking at the role automation can play in improving efficiency and production levels, reducing safety issues, minimising costs and limiting expenditure on materials. One of the ways that businesses can achieve this is by the use of pneumatic vacuum conveyors, which can introduce a number of benefits to the manufacturing line.

Reducing Costs with Pneumatic Conveyors

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Need for Automation

Businesses are constantly seeing the cost of the manufacturing process increasing, whether this is due to the rise in the price of materials or the increase in the National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage, which puts more pressure on their bottom line.

However, companies can’t always pass these costs on to their customers, so they need to make efficiencies in other areas, which is why a greater use of automation can be beneficial.

Reduce Labour Costs

The use of automated systems, such as a vacuum conveyor, enables businesses to use their workforce more efficiently, particularly in times of growth. For example, if a business suddenly saw a rise in demand or took on a large order, the use of vacuum conveyors would speed up production and allow them to fulfil orders without the need to take on additional staff.

Increase in Production

Installing a pneumatic vacuum conveyor, such as those available at, will enhance productivity by enabling goods to be manufactured in less time, and they also make systems more reliable, which can boost the number of operating hours available.

Cleaner and Safer

Creating a clean and safe environment for employees to work in is important for all manufacturing businesses, and pneumatic conveyor systems stop loose powders from escaping into the air. This cuts down on the need for housekeeping, such as the cleaning of floors, surfaces and equipment.

The best way of reducing accidents is to design systems that eliminate the risk, and the use of these conveyors reduces the risk of accidents through manual handling, so materials and finished products can be transported safely and efficiently without the need for employees to lift and carry them.

Companies that want to build up their market share and survive in an increasingly competitive environment need to adapt to changes and create cost-effective, efficient and flexible operations. Pneumatic vacuum conveyors can bring all of these elements into place and make production of a range of goods more efficient and affordable.

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