Rethink your industrial storage with these steps

If you have an efficient, well planned industrial storage, you will save money on storage costs and it will be very easy for you to remove and replace items. However, on the other hand, if you have a poorly planned industrial storage space you may find that you are spending more money than you need to on storage space.

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Here are four ways to rethink your industrial storage space so that it is efficient and easy to manage.

Pre-allocate certain goods

Instead of having designated storage locations for different types of DCs, set one common inventory that you can use for all deliveries. This means that the product that are sent to stores and the products that are sent to customers are all stored in the same place, helping to reduce the overall amount of storage space that you use.

Consider cross docking

Cross docking is a popular subject for industrial storage managers, and this is because it can vastly reduce the amount of inventory in your warehouse – Cross docking uses advanced shipping notices and a detailed plan to ensure that some deliveries are sent out as soon as they arrive, so they don’t need to spend any time in the industrial storage. This frees up space for other products while maximising efficiency.

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Try pallet receiving if you regularly use pallets

Pallet receiving is another useful tactic that can help to make your storage space more efficient. If you receive goods on a single pallet, you can reroute the goods to storage and then use the pallets in your rack layout. This means you don’t have to worry about breaking down the pallets or re-handling the cartons. This is very useful for busy warehouses that receive most of their goods on pallets.

Automate busy storage spaces

If you have any particularly busy storage spaces you could consider using automated solutions to speed up the progress. For instance, you could scan product information straight into a WMS (warehouse management system) as the items are being loaded, giving you instant visibility. This will make it much easier for you to decide where the products should be moved to, speeding up the whole unpacking process and making it more efficient.

Off course if your business is doing really well and you can’t keep up with demand you could either get a second location or move to a bigger unit. To see what options you have why not sort through choices like Warehouse Space London companies on sites including They have flexible space configured to your requirements.

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