Six things that motivate employees

To get the best out of your team, consider what motivates them so you can be sure they always perform at their best.

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More money and responsibility aren’t the only ways to motivate people. These six points can all be effective in encouraging your employees to achieve more and stay with your business for longer.

Recognise Efforts and Achievement

Recognising people’s efforts and achievements makes them feel more motivated to perform well. Notice when people are going the extra mile, and be sure to mention it. Hearing recognition of a colleague’s achievement motivates others and helps foster a positive atmosphere.

Give Feedback

Give feedback so that employees can assess and improve their performance. Keep it positive and constructive. Focus on what’s gone well and give clear guidance on areas for improvement. Let your employees learn from others’ success, and share knowledge and expertise with suggestions on areas for improvement.

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Empower your employees by involving them in plans and decision-making. People tend to do the minimum of what they’re tasked with if they feel they’ve simply been told what to do and can’t suggest or explore other possibilities and better ways of doing the task.

Offer Rewards

Rewarding employees gives them something to aim for. Bonuses or incentives should always set achievable goals. If people know there’s an achievable reward if they drive themselves further, they’ll be more motivated to do so. As this BBC article shows, it’s important that goals are realistic.

Be Supportive

It may seem obvious that you need to support your team to motivate them, but knowing how to support them isn’t always straightforward. Offer opportunities for regular training or strategy meetings to identify areas for improvement. Using the services of a motivational speaker can help to fire up your team, fostering a positive can-do attitude.

Bringing in someone from outside shows you’re happy to invest time, money and energy in your efforts. Watch video clips of motivational speeches such as to see how they can inspire and motivate your team.

Be Open

Explain what’s happening in the business and why decisions are being made. Businesses need to be constantly evolving. When a team is told why changes are happening, it helps them understand management decisions and gives them a chance to be involved and feel empowered.a


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