Stockroom efficiency ideas

Your stockroom is at the heart of your business. If you run a tight ship or a Vape Juice Gloucester business things will tick over nicely. But get it wrong and the fallout could spread across all of your company. Here are some suggestions on how to make a success of your stockroom.

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Employ climate control

This will maintain your stock in pristine condition. It also creates a pleasant physical environment for employees, with the knock on effect that productivity stays high.

Provide good lighting

As customers don’t go to the storeroom, ignoring the illumination there is easy to do. However, it’s vital to ensure a good light supply. It creates a safer environment for staff and ensures that they don’t drop off, while small items can be found more easily.

Don’t allow customers in the stockroom

It’s not unknown for customers to enter storerooms, whether through confusion, curiosity or over-confidence. This can be very dangerous and should a customer be injured, you would be in line for negligence lawsuits. Possible loss of stock is also a factor.

Tips on maximising warehouse storage space can be found here:

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Keep all necessary tools at the back

Typical activities in the back include boxing, unboxing, printing, folding and retagging. Tools such as tagging guns, staplers, hole punchers and box cutters need to be stored in the same area. Clearly label items so everyone knows where they belong.

Make a shipping and receiving space

The stockroom is the ideal place for receiving and unboxing your shipments. Arrange a desk next to the door at a comfortable height, and clear a large area where stock can be removed and boxes placed. If your shipping and receiving space is cramped, it will be hard for your employees to operate, so allow as much space as possible. You could use mobile collapsible bakers racks for extra storage space when needed.

Find storage in unexpected spaces

If you look around, it’s probable that your store room has some nooks and crannies that could be pressed into service. While you may not want to put merchandise in such odd (probably dusty) places, you could employ them for storing items such as boxes, decorations or reusable items.

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