The costs of wind power generation to fall by a third

Those concerned by climate change and the rising cost of energy will be heartened to know that a new batch of UK wind farms is generating power that costs less than that generated by coal burning. Wind farm energy now appears to be a reliable and sustainable energy source that does not need to be subsidised.

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Bountiful winds

These wind farms are driven by offshore breezes and the price of power that they are producing has decreased by around 30 per cent over the past two years. Twelve recent energy initiatives have generated energy that costs around £40 for a megawatt hour – a precedent-setting economical price.

More on how the costs of wind farm energy have dropped and driven down subsidy support can be found in this report from The Guardian.

Clean energy

The power produced by these recent energy endeavours will supply up to seven million households. This power is affordably priced and comes without the environmental baggage generally associated with nuclear energy. Just a few years ago, energy from wind power was more expensive than that generated from nuclear energy. The decrease in price of renewable energy is good news for everyone. The lack of subsidisation required means that more wind energy projects can be developed in the North Sea and these will be cost-effective and also make a valuable contribution to reducing emissions and tackling climate change.

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Cheap renewable energy generated from offshore wind power is an excellent development as populations grow and consume more power. Cost, both in terms of what consumers pay and emissions that contribute to climate change, are both important, and renewable wind energy is a great alternative to fossil or nuclear fuels. Thanks to advances in technology, renewable energy is becoming more efficient, cheaper and easier to store. Eventually it is hoped that all sources of energy are sustainable and renewable.

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