The great things about having a home office

For many people, it makes sense to work from home at the beginning, but when your business really takes off and you need to think about the next step, you will need to consider whether continuing to work at home will stay comfortable in the long run. However, there are many benefits to having an office at home, here are a few:

  1. There is no commute

Commuting is a right pain for most people. It is wasted time, no matter how long it takes. Working from home means you can be at the computer (or wherever you work best), checking your email as soon as you wake up, or relaxing with a hot drink as opposed to being stuck in a queue of traffic.

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You might think it’s a good idea to build an extension for use as a home office, so the space can be customised perfectly. For House Extensions Birmingham, visit a site like ifurb, a House Extensions Birmingham company.

  1. It costs less

Office space is costly and if you only work alone, may feel like an unnecessary expenditure. If you work from home or rent an office space, you can make a claim for the part of the costs as part of the self-employed tax self-assessment.

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  1. It gives you more flexibility with your home life

Sometimes, there are things you just have to be at home for. Whether it’s waiting for an important delivery or caring for a sick child, if you work from home you are flexible enough to be able to cope with the unexpected without stressing about being away from the office or what the boss might say.

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