March is here and Spring Cleans are a must

It’s that time of year when thoughts inevitably turn to the new; a new year, new resolutions and maybe a new look for your home environment? It’s the perfect time to take a look at your bathroom and see how you can improve it whilst simultaneously taking advantage of January sales bargains. Here we outline some quick fixes to make a big difference with only a small sale investment:

Showering in Style

Is your shower curtain looking tired? Often the first area to show signs of use, if it’s yellowing then why not consider inputting some colour and pattern? Easily changeable and cheap to buy, especially in the sale, it offers an ideal way to change the room without massive commitment.

Fancy Flooring

A larger financial commitment, but an ideal project to start during the sales to drastically reduce the hit to your pocket. Forbes outline some great ideas for wooden look tiles. Real wood can be tricky in a damp bathroom atmosphere but these are a potential practical solution both for your pocket and your feet.

Stripping your Seals

If the silicone seals in your bathroom are looking tired it can be easy to remove them with silicone sealant remover and replace with a bright new application of sealant. It’s a cheap, easy and quick way to spruce up tired looking baths and sinks – less than £10 can transform your bathroom from looking unloved to one with a professional finish.

Accessorising Like a pro

Just like silicone sealant remover, there are a number of ways to add life and value to your bathroom without splashing your cash. How about changing your mirrors? Or a new bathroom cabinet? Or even simply changing your bathroom storage? All can be quick and easy ways to change the look of the space without breaking the bank.

Wallpaper – No Longer for Weirdos

As the Evening Standard outlines the latest wallpapers are breathable and add a new element of texture and pattern that’s hard to find elsewhere. Don’t settle for dull walls, why not go patterned in 2016?

Take heed of these cost-saving tips and you can transform your bathroom from a tired toilet to a spa-like sensation in no time!

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