The New Breed of Tech Companies

Companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook have long been known for their innovative attitudes towards their staff. They provide a variety of perks and benefits, as well as more relaxed offices, with a focus on activities, food, and fun. This way of working has started to trickle down to smaller companies, and has finally reached the shores of the U.K, where companies are updating their offices to meet the trend. This way of working can be utilised by companies that have Office Space Bracknell way as their business base as well as those elsewhere in the country. If you are a business looking for a base of your own it is worth taking a look at to how they can help you and your business.

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What are the perks of working in this way?

An article in The Guardian gave an insight into the way the Google offices work. The grounds feature meadows, allotments, free yoga classes and bicycles to get from meeting to meeting. The buildings and surrounding areas are designed to make people feel relaxed and happy; to make the workplace somewhere that people want to be. Google also prides itself on flexible working hours. It allows people to work from home or provides childcare for on-site staff together with long maternity leave.

Sounds amazing … and over on The Business Insider there’s a virtual tour of Facebook’s London offices, showing the motivational posters on the wall, chill out meeting areas, and even a roof terrace with a BBQ.

It’s no secret that trendy Shoreditch is the hub of innovative tech companies in the UK. Visit many offices in the area and you will find relaxed staff having meetings in coffee shops, or enjoying breaks in which they can do fun activities. This new style is spreading around the country too, with some companies stating that their staff can often be found competing in ‘impromptu ping pong battles’.

Is this way of working here to stay?

Having this relaxed and fun atmosphere is sure to breed creativity and employee loyalty. Creativity can be sparked by a change of scenery, or mixing up the way meetings are held. Facebook employees are more likely to come up with innovative ideas if they are being challenged in new and interesting ways. It seems this ethos is becoming more and more popular in the UK. At the moment, it is found mainly with tech companies, but this is sure to develop across other industries. It is a strategy that has worked well for US tech giants and sounds like a great model to follow.

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