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There Is No iOS 8 For iPhone 4 Users

Apple is the one of the top most organizations to creating the iPhones into the market. The Apple releases the most of iPhones which are very competitive in the market. Now a day so many people are using this iPhones and these handsets are very demanding in the market also. These phone’s are also available through the online and offline retailers. And there are so many iPhones are came into the market. Latest iPhones were very conveyable to the consumers. These Smartphone’s are very attracted by the customers in the market. iPhone series of Smartphone’s were released in the every year.

iPhone 4 iPhone 4 is launched so many years back and released in the market also. There are lots of consumers purchased iPhone 4 through online and offline retailers. Even so, there is a bad news for the iPhone 4 customers, which are iOS 8 is not supportable to the iPhone 4. By the declaration of the iOS 8 has been known the iOS is not endurable to the iPhone 4. This problem will be happed by the development of the oldest version of the iPhones. Using of the iOS 8 is gets the trouble to the oldest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. The usage of iOS 8 is very difficult through the iPhone 4 handset.

Because of this declaration, the Apple handles the huge numbers of iPhone 4 users. The Apple faces situation between the iPhone 4 who are compulsory update the latest display and recent version of iOS to use the new iOS features. Even so, it is not working with the small number of people who are using the iPhone 4.

Actually, this iPhone 4 was established and released in the year 2010. Till now there are four years completed since the launched of this iPhone 4. The most important thing is that Apple is does not redesign the working arrangement of a model past four years. And the handset iPhone 3GS was also did not receive the iOS 7 in the last year.

Even iPhone 4 was did not receive the iOS 7 in the last year. This is the reason why the users of iPhone 4 were unable to approach the AirDrop, camera filters, panorama etc. Apples decided that the iOS 8 does not update the older version of the iPhones including iPhone 4.

Apples latest versions of Phone’s like 4S, 5, 5C, and 5S has the feature of the update the iOS 8 and this is also having the devices like iPad, new iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air.

Compare to all iPhone’s price, the iPhone 4 price is the cheapest in the market throughout the India. This phone is available in the offline with the cost of Rs 20,000 and in the online less than the Rs 20,000.

Finally, it was paused in the market on September 2013, then Apple started the sales of iPhone 4S in the market now.

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