Things you need to do regularly to keep your site fresh

Many business owners measure their website’s success by the number of customers it results in. However, you’re not going to attracting fresh digital footfall if you’re not creating fresh leads online regularly. However, it’s a vicious circle as many business owners don’t invest time, money and effort into their websites because they feel it’s not working for them. The mistake is to assume that people are just not searching for your service or product online.  This cannot be the case though, as people use their smartphones every single day to browse and shop online. Here are some things business owners should be doing regularly:

Fresh Content

By posting regular, fresh content to your site, you’re effectively telling Google to take notice because you clearly care about your customers. The result is that bots will look to your website more often to ensure users can always access recent content in search engines. You don’t even need to produce elegantly written essays – fresh content could be new product descriptions, photographs, videos or updates to pages.

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Using Social Media

Social media users will be looking for the most recent information uploaded by your business. If the last thing you posted was six months ago, it suggests two things. First, that you’re not interested in communicating with them and second, you might not even be in business anymore. Either way, you’ll lose their interest. Social media posts can be simple, quick status updates, photos or local information. It doesn’t take long but keeps engagement levels high.

Changing the Homepage

Even small changes on your homepage can have a big impact for customers. A simple change of graphics can refresh a tired page without needing to change any navigation. You could add some new photos or new banners, but it reaps many rewards. For help with updating your site, contact a Website Design Company Gloucester like

Update those Old Contact Forms

You’d be amazed at how many businesses don’t make their contact information clear and easy to find. If it takes longer than a couple of seconds to find these details, your website needs some work. This is a top reason for customers leaving a site within seconds of landing there. Online users have little patience and won’t stick around to hunt down information that should be clearly displayed on every page.

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Providing Little Central Content

You need to make it clear immediately what you do, what you offer and why customers should choose you to solve their problem. This is the central core content of your website, yet if your website doesn’t tick those boxes, it’s failing badly. The lack of this core content has a big influence on how well your site ranks in searches, so it’s essential to get it right.

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