Useful Tips Reveal How to Write an Unforgettable CV

Looking for a job can be difficult, especially when competing with dozens of other candidates for the exact same job. The mere thought of writing a CV can transform even the most confident person to a timid shadow of their former selves. So, how can you defeat the self-doubt blues and bag your dream job? The first step is to write an impressive CV your employer won’t be able to put down.

Useful Tips Reveal How to Write an Unforgettable CV

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According to the BBC, employers receive around 60 applications for a “low-skilled” job, and 20 for jobs requiring candidates with a lot more skills. With so many people applying for the same position, it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd. After all, how many times have you heard a career advisor say things like, “You need to make yourself stand out from the rest,” and “make a lasting impression” etc. But how can you do this with just a piece of paper? It’s simple, follow these 7 tips for writing an unforgettable CV and it won’t be long until you receive a call back for an interview:

  1. Make sure that your CV uses proper spelling and grammar. Use commas where necessary and whatever you do, don’t repeat the same mistake twice. An employer will notice your blunders and assume if you can’t provide an error free CV, you must not be that keen on the position.
  2. Focus attention on your notable achievements. Did you win any awards in your school days? Have you done something you are especially proud of? If you can, quote figures where possible to add an extra level of substance to your CV and to act as evidence of these achievements.
  3. Put the most important information first. If you don’t have much experience, but did well in school, position your grades closer to the top of your CV.
  4. Include relevant and key information such as personal contact information (address, phone number and email address) and any professional social media channels you may have such as your LinkedIn profile etc.
  5. Tailor your CV. Instead of sending out the same generic CV to any job going, tailor it to suit the specific job that you are applying for. Make sure that it is relevant and reflects your passion for the said position.
  6. Include other relevant skills that could give you a keen advantage over the competition. These skills could include anything from great IT skills to languages etc.
  7. According to Jobs, it is important to appeal to your online audience, you can do this by “including relevant keywords in your CV”. This can help you to grab employer’s attention on sites such as LinkedIn.

It can be difficult to write a “perfect” CV, and nobody expects you to! Just make sure that your CV provides the right information and is an honest representation of who you are as a person and potential employee. You may wish to drop your CV with a Recruitment Agent in Belfast such as

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