Using Facebook for the benefit of your business

Is your business making the most of Facebook? Facebook is the largest social networking site on earth and you, as a business owner, could be greatly benefiting from all that it has to offer. So far this year, the site has over 2 billion monthly users who are active, so it offers huge opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience.

Recent algorithm updates have meant that posts from friends and family take priority over business related content, so how can companies continue to reach their customers? Do businesses stand any chance on social media or will they always play second fiddle to cute kitten videos?

The good news is that business content can still grow and reach their audience, it might just require a few adjustments to your current strategy. Here are some tips:

  1. Upload more videos

Content that contains images does much better than those posts that contain plain text or links. Thus, it follows that content with videos perform even better than content with images. Humans are very visual creatures, so if your business can offer a variety of interesting videos, you’ll grab the attention of your customers and engage with them more effectively. Examples of videos to post include how-to tutorials, staff interviews, behind the scenes, personal stories and funny clips.

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  1. Engage your customers with a conversation

Facebook is all about connecting people, communicating with one another and socialising. With that in mind, why not start a conversation with your target customers by asking them a question and using interesting visuals such as infographics, memes and videos, which are all great conversation starters? They are also an ideal fun way to encourage greater interaction and engagement with those following you. Unsure how to use social media to your advantage? Contact a PR Agency Cheltenham. Target Group are a premier PR Agency Cheltenham who can advise on social media strategies for your business.

  1. Use Facebook ads

A business page will benefit considerably from a well-thought-out Facebook advert. This social networking site provides many opportunities for the promotion of business services and products, reaching a large number of potential customers through their advertising features. Another important element is to install the Facebook button on your business website homepage from which you can tailor accurate advertising campaigns.

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  1. Facebook Analytics

To guarantee future success, it’s important to regularly monitor your page’s performance on Facebook and how your ads are doing. The Insights page provides useful information on how your page is performing, which includes demographics, most popular content, levels of engagement and other fascinating statistics. Without this information, development of your Facebook marketing strategy will be much harder. Using Facebook marketing is a fantastic way to increase the visibility of your brand, find new leads and to convert your followers into customers.



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