Ways to update the office to boost morale

If your office hasn’t been decorated for at least a decade, then it could be affecting staff morale. These days, offices are increasingly being decorated in inventive and unique ways in order to boost employee morale and productivity levels. Whilst, it might not be practical for you to replicate the ideas some of the larger corporations, such as table tennis tables, play areas and slides – here are some useful ideas for updating your office interior:

Alternative seating ideas

Some forward-thinking companies are introducing alternative seating options for their recreational areas to allow for more flexibility over how people work. Hot desking, bean bags, sofas and even deckchairs are some of the options being introduced. The key to getting this right is to tie in the theme of your brand with whatever alternative options are chosen. The experience will only be odd and likely to jar with the rest of the space if the ideas don’t blend with the company’s existing brand values and personality.

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Bringing the outside in

It’s long been recognised that access to the natural environment is beneficial to our health, well-being and productivity levels. As well as looking pleasant, plants, trees and foliage are good for us. Consider crawling vines on walls, an office vegetable patch, living walls or trees around the desks. Plants have been shown to increase productivity by 15%, boosting morale and stimulating workers by breaking the dull monotony of a bare office space.

Furniture upgrade

Morale could be affected due to staff being uncomfortable. During any redecoration or renovation, a primary focus should be on upgrading outdated furniture to good quality, ergonomic desks and chairs as a starting point for improving the office for all. For Gloucester Office Furniture, visit a site like https://www.severnfurnishing.co.uk

Light colours

The choice of colour will have a significant impact on the ambience of a space. Colours like pastel shades of purple, green, blue and aqua are viewed as calming. Shades of magnolia, light grey and dusky pink are also said to be soothing. For those seeking an exciting splash of colour, this can always be added into a kitchen or communal recreation area. Lighter colours improve alertness and makes for happier staff. The same applies for natural light, which is far more beneficial for office workers than too much artificial lighting.

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Social spaces

Depending on the amount of space available, many modern companies are incorporating unique social spaces that differ from the conventional break room or kitchen. One example is a company introducing skate ramps and trampolines! One evening a week is dedicated to skate evenings where staff can relax and socialise. They also have stand-up desks, encouraging people to move more, interact and be more proactive.

Other companies have brought in additional activities in an open plan kitchen to encourage staff to release their inner creativity. Activities include board games, video game consoles, ping pong and an area for playing football.



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