What does the Land Registry do?

One of the most comprehensive government departments you can come across is the HM  land register. It is their job to provide you with a guaranteed title deed that shows the property is yours and that it belongs to you. It’s also there to define what boundaries of the property is yours to claim as your own. This is vital if there are any planning changes later in the properties lifetime or if you want to build an extension or even put a fence in the right place.

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It’s also a department that the conveyancers and the solicitors of the world have to deal with regularly. It’s undoubtedly a government body that Conveyancing Solicitors London based company Sam Conveyancing know all about dealing with.

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The Land register is there for when the mortgage and exchange on the property are complete. They will be the ones that update the records and keep them up to date. Any solicitor worthwhile will make sure that you are registering with the Land Register as this is the department that protects your lawful rights. If you are not registered, it makes life easier for fraudsters, plus it is evidence of the ownership rights of the property when it comes to selling it. They hold the title register, the boundaries of the property, whether the property is freehold or leasehold and if it is at any risk of flooding now or in the future.

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