What Generator Is Best for a Construction Site?

When choosing a generator, there is more to consider than simply the cost. For instance, how many power tools will rely on it? Will it be used for lighting? Is it robustly built? How large is the fuel tank? Remember, time spent refuelling can quickly cancel out cost savings.

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The Power Calculation

It would be easy to assume that the larger the site, the greater the power needed, but it isn’t necessarily always the case. A much smaller site could be using more power equipment than a much larger site, which is likely to be using heavy fuel-driven plant. Add up your wattages (amps x volts = watts), and when you have made your calculation, add a further 10% as contingency.

The Cost

Using a generator rental company is by far the most economical choice. In the short term, this saves the very substantial costs of buying a generator outright, but you also have the security of knowing it will be serviced and maintained throughout its use.

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The Best Generator for Your Site

The best generator for your site would be the smallest one which is large enough for your needs as well as being reliable. Also consider the noise level, depending on the site and surrounding environment and, of course, how clean it is. A reputable generator company, such as http://www.newburnpowerrental.com/, provides generators from 6-20kVA up to multi-megawatt generators – importantly complying with current environmental standards.

Also think about the mobility of the generator and safety while moving it. Is it able to be moved manually, either during bad weather or when space is needed for access? See the HSE safety guidelines about on-site inspecting and testing in line with BS 7909 requirements.

Is Rental Reliable?

Two of the advantages of renting over buying are flexible on-site servicing and delivery options. A reputable power company will have a nationwide fleet of engineers who can quickly get to you when there is a problem and, if necessary, provide a replacement. They will also be able to advise on the correct and most cost-effective units you will need for your site. As your site becomes more developed, it is likely that your power consumption may change, and this is where rental is of most value. You can swap one generator for another, or you can reduce or increase the number.

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