What is a Motivational Speaker and where might you find one?

Most people have heard of motivational speakers, but not as many people would be able to explain what they do, what their role is or can say they have experienced spending time listening to a motivational speaker. There are many circumstances where someone may have the opportunity to see a motivational speaker at work, as they come from many walks of life and of course the main goal of their work is to inspire and motivate those they are speaking to.

One place a motivational speaker will often work is in a school. Motivating children and helping them to make positive choices when it comes to career and lifestyle is something that a motivational speaker can be very helpful with, especially during the years that children may be making a lot of big decisions about their future education, or what courses and careers they are suited for.

Children may also have access to motivational speakers through extra-curricular activities like clubs and groups or in a community centre or church group. They can help children with other parts of their life that they may be having difficulty with or encouraging their hobbies and interests outside of education.

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Motivational speakers can also work in part of a wider setting within the community. They talk about many social and community issues, aimed at the local people – for example helping people tackling crime in an area that may have a high crime rate, or getting the community together to work on local events.

There are many motivational speakers who can help to inspire people by using their own life experiences and stories to rouse people into action. For example, some have overcome great hardships in life and gone on to turn their life around for the better, such as recovery from drugs or alcohol addictions, or a life of crime or poverty – they have then used this to help others.

Some have completed huge physical and mental challenges, completed triumphed against adversity, or have done great things for charities, such as https://www.adventureman.org/ . These people share their stories to inspire others and if they are raising money for a charity it creates awareness and can help to get others involved in their campaign.

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The workplace is another place where a motivational speaker will often be found, as companies want to get the best from their employees, they recognise that a good positive mindset is a huge part of that in the workplace. They are very useful in business to help with all employees, from the directors to the office teams, they are often beneficial to sales teams, helping them to be focussed, positive and motivated.

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