What makes a great restaurant waiter?

If you want to be a successful waiter, it is important to act a certain way. After all, tradition, respect and culture all play an important role in hospitality.

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Here are 10 things all great restaurant waiters do.

They greet people when they arrive

Don’t let anyone enter the building without a friendly greeting. Manners are very important as they show people that you care about them and appreciate their custom, so they are more likely to visit again – http://www.goodchoicesgoodlife.org/choices-for-young-people/the-magic-of-manners/.

They are helpful

Great waiters are always helpful and if they don’t know the answer to a question, they don’t say ‘I don’t know’; they say ‘I will go and find out’.

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They don’t assume

If a customer asks a good waiter for more of something such as cheese, gravy or sauce, they bring a dish so the customer can serve themselves. This is better than pouring for them and guessing how much they want.

They don’t take plates until everyone has finished eating

A good waiter will always wait until everyone has finished their meal before they start collecting plates. This means customers can enjoy their full meal without feeling rushed.

They help to keep things clean

Restaurants are very busy, and things can quickly get dirty or messy. A good waiter will help to prevent this from happening by helping to keep things clean, such as the stainless steel grease traps, when they have a free moment.

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They know who ordered what

A great waiter will know who ordered what before they approach the table, so they don’t have to interrupt the conversation to ask ‘who ordered the pizza?’.

They provide extras

They will provide customers with extras for them to enjoy. For instance, they will always offer bread with olive oil or butter.

They don’t question customers

If a customer comes in alone, they don’t question when someone else will arrive; they simply take the reservation.

They are friendly

They always have a smile on their face, and they never make customers feel bad for asking for extra service.

They don’t touch the rims of the glasses

This is a basic hygiene point that all great waiters are aware of.

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