What to look out for when purchasing a used van

When it comes to buying used cars, there are plenty of horror stories. Many people will tell you about hidden defects, odometers that have been wound back, or even illegal sales. We’ve put together a list to help you avoid falling into these traps.

V5C Discrepancies

Buying a van privately can be risky because the sale may be illegal. If the V5C does not match the car’s details, if there are discrepancies in the VINs, or if it is missing the “new keeper’s supplement”, then you should walk away.

If the logbook does not have a DVL watermark, or a serial number that is valid, then it may have been forged. You can check the serial number by visiting gov.uk. For Used Vans for sale Birmingham, visit cotswoldvancentre.co.uk/buy/used-vans-for-sale/birmingham

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Recent repairs have been too frequent

The age and mileage will determine how many repairs are considered ‘too much’. If the van has a lengthy list of recent repairs, you should question why the owner is selling it. Could it be because they decided to sell it rather than fix the persistent problems?

Low Price

It’s a good idea to check the average price for the model and make of vehicle you are interested in before you visit the dealership. Ask why you are paying a lower price than the market value if it seems like you are. There are times when sellers may need to sell quickly due to a change in their circumstances. However, the van could be in less-than-satisfactory condition and the seller hopes that buyers will overlook the faults because of the low price.

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A pre-purchase inspection is denied

Some people will buy a car without ever seeing it. Business owners, however, cannot afford to take this risk. You’ll be using your van for a lot of your work. If a seller says they ‘don’t have the time’ to come and meet you, then you should leave. This could mean that the van has some technical problems or is in bad condition.

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