What you need to know about fire safety for your business

You might have heard that you should be doing a fire risk assessment, but what is this and why is it so important? Basically, the reason this assessment is so important is its designed to lower the risk of a fire breaking out inside a building. With some very high-profile fires recently, this is more imperative than ever. It doesn’t just look at the structural safety of a building but examines its contents as well. It also takes into account the building’s layout and how it is used.

All businesses and public structures, whether they are bars, churches, shops or office blocks must have a fire risk assessment carried out if they are used for non-domestic purposes.

The legislation involved stipulates not only that an assessment must be completed but also states who can complete one, who is responsible in the event of a fire, procedures for evacuation and how this information is supplied to employees or members of the public. Failure to comply can lead to large fines and even imprisonment.

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It is not a task that can be done lightly, as the law states the assessment must be both suitable and sufficient. Not all properties are the same, so a suitable assessment must be tailored to the exact requirements of each individual building. An assessment also needs to be amended and updated whenever any changes occur in the use or layout of the building.

A risk assessment can be completed by anyone who is deemed competent, but unless you have specialist knowledge, it’s wise to call in the professionals. For a thorough fire risk assessment Gloucester, visit http://keloscape.co.uk/fire-risk-assessment/

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An inexperienced person could miss potential hazards, leaving risks not being properly assessed. This could prove devastating and even fatal in the event a fire does break out on the property. That is why it is imperative that a full and professional assessment is carried out from the beginning. It’s important to use only certified and trusted risk assessors for the legal requirement of having a risk assessment.

There are some specific rules with regards to your assessment:

It must be regularly reviewed, with the ideal scenario being once every 12 months following the first assessment. Every five years, a new assessment must be carried out. This needs to take place sooner if the fabric of the property has changed, the purpose has changed, or the occupants have changed. Such changes can have a big impact on fire safety planning, so a review must be completed in these instances.

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