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When you plan to create a FAQ Online Store

In the first article in this series after we solve the most frequent questions an entrepreneur usually before starting to create an online store? 

It is very important when starting an online business to have everything clear and resolve all doubts. As I mentioned in other articles, many of these questions are crucial for the survival of your online store, but the resolve an expert or thoroughly investigate the business can cost you.

For this reason, it seemed interesting to create this series of posts along which solve the most typical questions that tend to my clients and customers when planning to create an online store. Shall we begin?

  • How long does it take to create an online store?

This question is the most common but also the most difficult to answer exactly. When you make this question your designer shop you must clearly define your project, and based on all that stipulates a while.

FAQ Online Store
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One must understand that an online store has many variables that have to deal so that everything works perfectly. Sometimes there are parts of the creation of e-commerce are performed by several freelance, and this sometimes causes misunderstandings, delays, etc … Many times because of a freelance others are delayed, and unfortunately, the developer takes the blame. So I advise this system.

If you’re creating an online store, before you begin:

  • Ten e-commerce clear structures, ie, a menu with these options, one or three banners with photos, the menu of the foot, etc. If you can, (as they know design), look at other e-commerce (not have to be in your niche) what style, margins, pictures, logo placement, etc .., you like to be your guide to Developer. Get all the information in a word.
  • Looking at other stores what colors and what design you want on your e-commerce template. You have to understand one thing, that the store is economic, the developer must choose from premade templates that can be modified to your liking, but if you demand details and a certain structure, as will be a custom template, which will have a higher price. E-commerce with a custom template will be at least € 2,500 plus VAT.
  • Photographs. If you have the perfect, and it should start soon. At least two weeks before the developer starts with the design. This is because that photographers sometimes have delays, and take the picture is not what takes time, but do touch-ups. The developer needs the photos to see how leaving the structure and move forward.
  • Logo, favicon, and icons. Like the photographer, the graphic designer takes a time to design and make the appropriate changes. You should also order it at least two weeks in advance.
  • The legal texts, the page “about us”, products, etc. The Word must develop a home and give it to the developer.
  • If you want to languages you must have translations made before.
  • If you’re going to integrate ERP, you should talk to the company’s ERP before and have everything ready so that when the developer calls it, it made everything in a moment.
  • If you have vendors that will provide perfect CSV, and if you have CSV, talk with the developer that you pass structure and you’ll excel covering. This way you will rise more economical product.

With all that done before the developer, you can tell you better when you can deliver everything. Depending on the job, the structure and design of e-commerce, if you have everything usually takes a month or two. You must understand that the freelance professionals have more jobs than yours, and so I dedicate each day a few hours to your project. If you want exclusive you’ll pay more.

  • All I ask can take a while to do. Could it be easier to store and then you go implemented over time?

That always recommend. I suggest to start with a simple store, then gradually getting better requirements you want, but yes, the developer must choose well and make sure they will be able to do everything. If you do so, pasta a budget for a simple store and then a price for each implementation (improvement). In this way you can pay the store slowly and not spend it all at once, also have the store up and running and getting revenue while improvements.

If you have enough budgets do everything from scratch.

We also recommend doing an online store in a hurry, always take a few six months and so you can search, investigate, choose the right developer, having a store well done, .. etc. The rush is not good.

  • Why do some call 500 2500 1000 and others, or more? What to choose?

I always say that the creation of the shop is a bit compared to what you have to do and invest in order to sell. That is why you must understand that you cannot afford three hard for e-commerce and then ask the impossible. A business is a business and experience must be paid.

The price of an e-commerce varies depending on the number of products that will have, from time to execute, modules, payment methods, graphic design, template, and a great etcetera. If you want to shop for 500 €, the developer will have to do in two days and take everything very economical, which aesthetics, structure, functions, etc.. will be very basic.

Same with the 1000 €. Really simple store costs about € 1,500 with few products and to raise the requirements, design, etc.. raise the price.

I recommend you ask a well-specified budget to justify why the price, and to find that is a good developer, to count on him for anything in the future.

Choosing well is most important to your business.


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