Which five DIY jobs are most commonly abandoned?

Many households can be found guilty of starting a DIY project but not finishing it, with weekends and bank holidays seeing the most DIY projects started. There are numerous reasons why individuals start DIY; however, the main ones are self-satisfaction and saving money.

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The top most abandoned DIY projects are:

Electric works

A DIY job involving electrical implications should always be handled by a professional. If an electrical job is carried out incorrectly, it could cause a fire, injury, or – in the worst-case scenario – fatalities. Some electrical jobs need to follow legal guidelines and will need to be signed off by the building control department of your local authority. In these circumstances, it is easier to use the professionals, who can sign off this element themselves.

Ensure that you have an electrical installation condition report (EICR), which needs to be updated every 10 years. This will make sure your electrics are fit for purpose and safe.

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It is important to know what you are doing when it comes to the plumbing within your home. If a plumbing job goes wrong, you risk severe flooding, ruining your home/possessions and causing long-term damage. Plumbers in Dublin such as https://www.plumberservicesdublin.ie/ can identify several jobs that are generally perceived as easier plumbing tasks, such as sinks, toilet and showers.

For jobs that involve boilers or central heating, a professional should be relied upon. A trustworthy plumber should be sourced to go through the correct checks and balances.

Installing white goods

Installing white goods is one job that a competent DIYer could do themselves; however, should the job require gas work, a Gas Safe-registered professional should be sourced.

If you plan on undertaking an installation yourself, ensure you read the manual of the product and understand what is required.


Timing is the main deterrent where tiling is concerned. This is a job that seems easy but often gets abandoned due to time restraints. Tiling can create or uncover a list of problems, such as screeding issues and unlevel surfaces.


Carpentry is a skilled trade. Unless you have experience in this profession, it is best to call upon an expert. Jobs that appear simple can quickly become complicated if dealt with incorrectly, such as when you are fitting heavy doors and find the frames are not straight.

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