Why Video Content Is the Future

If you work in business or marketing, you have no doubt heard much about video marketing and the fact it is the next big channel. Already, all social media platforms have embraced it as a key form of content delivery, and users will know themselves that when they scroll through their own news feed they will see a series of videos.

Why Video Content Is the Future

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Brand Benefits of Video Storytelling

Video is powerful because it enables storytelling in a way that other mediums don’t – offering a visual, powerful and emotive means of reaching audiences. This is why it is being vaunted as the next big thing for content marketing and a priority channel for brands to develop.

Already, nearly 50pc of mobile traffic is coming via video content, and viewers spend 88pc longer on websites with video content.

If you’ve already hired a Devon web design agency such as http://vuonline.co.uk/web-design/ to create your website and other digital assets, you’ll want to know how to drive traffic to them. Video content is a powerful means of doing this. Estimates suggest that 80pc of online traffic will be driven through video content by 2019.

What Does This Mean for Business?

Businesses and brands need to get on board with video in order to compete in an increasingly digitised landscape. This means sharing industry-relevant content, offering added value and innovative content to customers and leads, starting debates and conversations through video and helping customers to use your products and services with guides.

Retention Benefits

Video content has a stronger rate of retention, which lowers the bounce rate for landing pages that feature a video. Users are far more likely to watch the majority of a video – and certainly more so than for equivalent text-based content.

Video captures attention, increases read time and retention and offers a rich visual medium in which you can share your brand messages, values and USP. Videos also allow you to be more engaging and compelling with your calls to action.

Use video content on your landing pages and you will grow content views and increase conversions. Yes, video can be more costly to develop than text content, but the return on investment will pay off. You can create video in-house or commission a digital agency to take this on for you as part of a digital content delivery plan.

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