Why web design is not a dying profession

Changes in the web design industry and the proliferation of free design resources have led some people to question whether web design is a profession facing extinction; however, there are many reasons to conclude that web design is still alive and kicking.

Why web design is not a dying profession

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Maintaining security

Web design is not just about creating a site that looks pretty; in addition, it is about ensuring the site is safe and secure from potential hackers. This requires specialised knowledge and skills that constantly need updating as web security evolves. Equally, according to the Huffington Post, complex websites require an experienced web designer who is always updated.

Specialised functions

Rather than fading into extinction, the role of web designer is constantly evolving; therefore, those who want to stay at the top of their profession need to react to trends and changes and diversify their skill set. One of the biggest shifts in this industry is how web design is increasingly demanding specialised skills and functions, such as learning Android coding or customised blogging.

Marketing integration

Web design is increasingly becoming integrated with marketing, with the boundaries between these two functions disintegrating. In the past, web design may have been lumped in with IT; now, we are seeing web designers merging with marketing functions and using their skills to create specialised online branding and other digital marketing activities.

Quality still matters

The explosion of online templates and frameworks for creating websites, such as Drupal and WordPress, has made it easier for businesses to build their own sites. Although this may bring into question whether the web designer is still needed, the reality is that expert help from a Drupal agency such as https://www.website-express.co.uk/service/drupal-development-agency is still vital. Having expert know-how is particularly required for implementing intricate details, ironing out any complex problems and, crucially, creating a quality, professional image.

Evolving look and feel

Websites are increasingly viewed as a work of art, with the look and feel of a site given more consideration to influence the overall user experience. It demands expert skills and an evolving knowledge to add elements to a site that continue to excite and innovate in an already saturated marketplace. The use of video, infographics, layouts and fonts is continually changing to reflect trends; therefore, having web design experience and being able to implement these changes will always be high in demand.

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