Why your company needs an office cleaning contract

Is your workplace looking sorry for itself? Have you been weighing up the pros and cons of hiring a cleaning contractor? Read on to find out why a cleaning contract is exactly what your workplace needs.

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Happiness and morale

Numerous studies over time have proved that humans are happier when they are working – or living – in a cleaner, tidier environment. Even some of the ancient feng shui principles are based on the idea that clutter slows you down, physically and mentally. A good cleaning contract can therefore keep morale and efficiency at an all-time high.


As a species, we sadly judge books by their covers, which means we judge offices, shops, factories and restaurants by their levels of cleanliness. How clean – or how dirty – your workplace is will have a direct impact on the way stakeholders, such as the public, customers and clients, see your business. There is also no hiding from their views, with opinions happily shared on Yelp, Facebook and so on. A dirty or messy public-facing workplace can easily become public knowledge in no time.

Health, safety and hygiene

A seriously good reason to hire a cleaning contractor is to improve the health, safety and hygiene in your office. Sick days lost through viruses, slips or falls can all be prevented when you have cleaner work surfaces, floors and desks. Cleaners can also help to reduce dust and clutter in the office, which can fast become a fire risk.

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A cleaning contractor is more likely to get the job done to a higher standard than cleaners you employ in house, as they have their reputation to protect. This ultimately means the health, safety and hygiene of your work premises will improve overnight. Dirt can also harbour in places we don’t always reach, especially in carpeted stores or offices in which shoes are worn inside. This is why it is important to appoint contractors for both ad-hoc jobs and regular ones; for example, those looking for commercial carpet cleaning in Cheltenham should consider a reputable firm such as https://www.clean-able.co.uk/.

The benefits of appointing a cleaning contractor are varied and vast. From improving the hygiene, health and safety of your workforce to improving your image and the moral of staff, isn’t it time you signed a new cleaning contract?

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